Georgia Heifer Evaluation and Reproductive Development (HERD) Program

'Georgia' over 'Herd Program' and 'Tifton Calhoun' with state of georgia cattle brand logo design

Conducted in Tifton and Calhoun, the HERD Programs allows producers to consign heifers for heifer development. The program was developed to:

  • serve and educate the beef industry in Georgia;
  • demonstrate feeding and health programs that result in replacement heifers reaching target weights required for successful breeding performance;
  • provide a method of evaluating heifers including performance, reproductive traits, and disposition.
  • develop heifers which are source identified and genetically verified; and
  • demonstrate the benefits of cooperative efforts involving cattle producers, animal health professionals, the Georgia Cattlemen’s Association, the UGA Animal and Dairy Science Department, the UGA Diagnostic Lab and College of Veterinary Medicine, and Georgia County Extension Agents.