Georgia Verified Program

The Georgia Verified Program (GVP) has been designed to enhance the reputation of Georgia’s feeder cattle through progressive management, genetics, and traceability of calves sold and shipped at graded feeder calf sales across the state. This program is a collaborative effort between UGA Extension, Georgia Cattlemen’s Association and UGA College of Veterinary Medicine.

Consumers are increasingly concerned with what has gone into their food before it ends up on their table. Beef cattle are no exception. So it’s important that buyers feel confident that Georgia feeder cattle are of the highest quality, and have been held to a high standard.

The Georgia Verified Program can help alleviate those concerns. A cooperative program between Livestock Markets, Georgia Cattlemen’s Association and the University of Georgia, GVP was developed to enhance the reputation of the state’s feeder cattle through progressive management, genetics, and traceability.

Each calf that is part of the GVP has met rigorous protocols – from vaccinations to nutrition to analysis of disposition. Those calves that meet all the requirements can be marketed as “Verified”.

What are the requirements?


  • Consignors are BQA Certified
  • Male calves are castrated and healed. Heifers are guaranteed open.
  • Must grade L1, M1 or L&M2 with flesh score of 4 to 6
  • 45 days weaned prior to market
  • Follow Vaccination Protocol
  • Cattle must meet requirements for quality, disposition and conformity
  • Started on feed (recommendations available)


  • All calves should be fed a diet to maintain growth between 1.5 and 3.0 lbs. per day. This should be based on the condition of the calves at weaning. Gains of 3.0 lbs. per day should only be targeted if calves are under
    condition at weaning.
  • A mineral that contains trace minerals and a vitamin pack should be offered free choice, or mixed into the ration to ensure a daily intake of 3 oz per day.
  • Contact your local UGA Extension Agent for information about rations.


Two doses of 5-way modified live respiratory (MLV) with Mannheimia haemolytica and 7- or 8-way blackleg vaccine must be given prior to weaning. The first dose may be given as early as 90 days of age. The second dose should be given at the time of weaning. See below for specific products recommended for use in the Georgia Verified Program.

Company5-way MLVBlackleg
Pyramid 5 +
Presponse SQ
Caliber 7
ZoetisBovishield Gold
Ultrachoice 7
MerckVista Once SQCovexin 8
The lot and serial numbers of all vaccines used should be recorded and
kept for future reference.


All calves should be dewormed at the time of weaning with a combination of an injectable ivermectin-type dewormer and white paste dewormer. See below for specific products recommended for use in the Georgia Verified Program (any of the injectable and paste products can be used together, regardless of manufacturer).

Specific dewormers used and the dates each were given should be
recorded. Follow the label directions on all products used.

How do my calves become Georgia Verified?

  • Contact your local UGA Extension Agent for consignment forms and information. Find your UGA Extension County Office.
  • Become a Georgia Cattlemen’s Association member and they will market your calves as Georgia Verified.


Visit or call 1-800-ASK-UGA1 or 706-542-1856.