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Dr. Francis Fluharty, Professor and Head – There are a lot of misconceptions about animal agriculture and its impact on environmental sustainability and food security. This really nice article by Dr. Francis Fluharty provides an overview of some of these misconceptions and highlights the importance of animal agriculture.
Beef Tips 'n Advice
Are my winter annuals going to regrow? The prolonged cold weather during the Christmas holiday has a lot of producers asking, “Are my winter annuals going to regrow?” Unfortunately, there isn’t a clear answer that we can offer to this question. Many cool season forages can handle subfreezing temps for...
Beef Tips 'n Advice
Dylan Davis and Lawton Stewart As winter slowly approaches and producers are planning their winter supplementation, the question comes in each year; can I feed whole cottonseed to my bulls or will it make them infertile? This article will go over the impacts of cottonseed on bull fertility and describe...
Beef Tips 'n Advice
Francine Henry, Jason Duggin, Pedro Fontes, Lawton Stewart Over the years, commercial cattle producers have only had visual appearance and individual measurements known as phenotypes to use for heifer selection criteria. Now producers can evaluate the genetic differences known as Molecular Breeding Values (MBVs) between heifers well before their first...

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