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Dr. Darren Henry – Lately, I have had time to do some thinking. I mean do some really serious, been sitting in a deer stand for 4 hours watching squirrels procreate kind of thinking. One of the topics that has been on my mind is loss. Throughout life, we all...
Beef Tips 'n Advice
Brent C. Credille, DVM, PhD, DACVIM – Evidence-based deworming programs have the potential to enhance cow herd productivity and profitability through improvements in mature cow reproductive performance and calf weaning weights. In this article, Dr. Credile will discuss several relevant aspects of deworming in beef herds.
Beef Tips 'n Advice
Pedro Fontes, Ph.D. Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist – The 2023 sire directories from genetic companies are now available to beef producers. In addition to including a wide variety of new sires, these directories also include updates in their estrus synchronization protocol sheets. These updates include new protocols that are...
Beef Tips 'n Advice
Jason Duggin, Public Service Assistant, Department of Animal and Dairy Science – At our operations and even our homes, we tend to not always have every tool that we may need. It may be that we need a seed drill, but it’s more economical to lease one. From a management...

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