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Jennifer Tucker, Assistant Professor – Beef Nutrition and Forage Management As the face of the American farmer changes, so do some of the methodologies, technologies, and results.  This is no different for the young cattlemen trying to get started in the business or starting new roots away from the family...
Beef Tips 'n Advice
Dr. Pringle scanned the bulls at the Calhoun Bull Evaluation on October 15th. This information is primarily used by purebred cattle producers to better understand carcass trait genetics in their herds. The data is submitted to a lab for processing and then on to the respective breed association to be...
Beef Tips 'n Advice
If you have producers that are looking for an alternative means of marketing or would like to capture performance and carcass merit data, the Georgia Beef Challenge may be the ticket. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Regards, Jason Duggin
Beef Tips 'n Advice
Angus Advisor: Southeast (October 2020) Jason Duggin  “Wile E. Coyote”, Super Genius, was always on target, or so he thought. I’m sure you recall the cartoon where he was always going just a little too fast before he realized he had run off the cliff. Beef production requires setting targets to...

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