We’ve also seen an increase in the number of stories pointing to shortage of beef. Let’s be clear, there is no shortage of cattle and we do not have a nation-wide shortage of beef. We are seeing disruptions in supply that is limiting availability in some areas, but these are short-term and localized. The Denver metro area was a perfect illustration of this phenomenon over the past several days. Several large chains had empty refrigerator cases, while others down the road had plenty of beef. The slow-downs, shut-downs, and distribution system issues are resulting in temporary shortages that vary from place to place. There are some Wendy’s locations that have reduced or pulled their burger offerings due to availability. This has also caused some retail outlets to limit the amount of beef consumers may purchase. We are doing multiple interviews on this in order to reassure the consumer that we are still producing beef and that we are working to ensure any local shortage will be temporary. You can see one example of a national interview on this topic featuring NCBA CEO Colin Woodall, here

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