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(Pedro L. P. Fontes – Reproductive Physiologist) Cow-calf producers have traditionally struggled to capture value when marketing calves with superior genetics for terminal traits. However, today, this scenario is changing. Cattlemen that produce genetically superior calves that will perform well in the feedlot and produce superior carcasses can take advantage...
Beef Tips 'n Advice
(Tommie Sheperd – Agribusiness Economist) As 2021 heads into the home stretch it looks as if forecasts for improving cattle prices may finally materialize as several developing trends finally begin to come together. Higher slaughter rates, lower animal weights, and a smaller calf crop in 2022 all signal a tightening...
Beef Tips 'n Advice
(Francis Fluharty – Beef Cattle Nutritionist) The demand for feeder calves that not only performs in the feedlot but also generates a high quality carcass is now greater than ever. In this article Dr. Francis Fluharty discusses how cow-calf producers can add value to their calves through weaning management and...
Beef Tips 'n Advice
Jennifer Tucker, Assistant Professor – Beef Nutrition and Forage Management As the face of the American farmer changes, so do some of the methodologies, technologies, and results.  This is no different for the young cattlemen trying to get started in the business or starting new roots away from the family...

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