Lucy Ray

What do you like most about your job as a ANR Agent?

The variety!  Each day is different which makes it impossible for this job to get mundane or boring.  In any given day, I may be working with a cattle producer to improve his forage program, doing a yield estimate in a corn field, or identifying pests on azalea bushes.  I like the variety, the involvement in production agriculture, and the feeling of being able to help people. 

How useful are your Animal Science degrees in your job?

My Animal Science degrees are extremely useful.  The majority of the agriculture in Morgan County is livestock related.  We have a thriving poultry industry, nine dairies and several active beef cattle producers.  The forage production side of animal science applies to all of these areas in addition to those who sell hay and silage as part of their operation.  However, I think the most valuable part of my education was the hands-on experience that I gained by working at a variety of animal units in college.

Tell us a little more about the Calhoun HERD Sale on May 30?

This is an excellent place to buy replacement heifers.  The amount of information that you get on these cattle is incredible.  Each animal has been reproductively scored, disposition scored, and is guaranteed bred to a calving ease bull.  We have tracked hip heights and weights throughout the 6 months that they have been in the program.  There is a guarantee that goes with any heifer that you buy as well.  I think the Calhoun HERD Sale is a great place to buy quality heifers and we hope that you join us on May 30th!

What Beef Extension program do you think producers in Georgia can most benefit right now in the current market climate?

I appreciate the UGA Bull Test programs.  This program is a unique partnership between the producers/consigners, Georgia Cattlemen’s Association, and Extension.  I think this provides producers with the opportunity to get high quality animals that we have a lot of data on, in addition to providing consignors information on how the animals the produce performed on test.  The fastest and most economical way to improve the genetics in  your herd is with a high quality bull.