Georgia Bull Evaluation Centers

Located in Tifton and Calhoun, the evaluation centers conduct a 112-day test of bulls consigned by producers in Georgia and surrounding states.

This testing:

  • demonstrates individual performance differences in a uniform environment
  • provides breeders with a sound scientific basis for selecting bulls with the ability to gain weight rapidly and to make such bulls available to cattle producers
  • serves as an educational demonstration of the value of records of performance

The programs are sponsored by the Georgia Cattlemen's Association, University of Georgia Animal and Dairy Science Department, Cooperative Extension, Coastal Plain Experiment Station, and the NW Georgia Research and Education Center.

   *Please carefully review the 2019-20 Rules. The Bull Test Advisory Committee has implemented a new rule regarding genomic testing.    

"All bulls must be genomic tested with parent verification to be eligible for sale. Every bull must have both their sire and dam parentage qualify prior to the final weigh day to be sale eligible. This will require both parents to have genomic data on file within their breed association database. Most AI sires have likely been tested. If further assistance is needed please contact the Test Station."